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KAUST LIVE: Professor Matthew McCabe

Exploring water quality, security, and desalination

WEP 2022 Keynote Lecture: Jonathan Foleyn

Achieving Drawdown: A Hopeful, Science-Based Plan to Address Climate Change

WEP 2022 Keynote Lecture: Chris Zevenbergen

Dealing with extreme water related events. How to enhance resilience? 

WEP 2022 Distinguished Lecture: Malak AlNory

Climate Change: The intersection of Science, Socio-economics, and Politics

WEP 2022 Panel Discussion : Carlos Duarte

Toward a Sustainable and Resilient Future  

WEP 2022 Distinguished Lecture: Manuel Aranda

Coral resilience and climate change

WEP 2022 Keynote Lecture: Marilyn Brown

Carbon-Reduction Strategies and their Impact on System Resilience

WEP 2022 Keynote Lecture: Bernice Notenboom

How Climate Change Comes To Matter