KAUST Climate and Livability Initiative

Climate change and its impacts pose a serious risk to Saudi Arabia’s environment, society, and economy. Climate action, together with the implementation of appropriate adaptation and mitigation strategies, presents an opportunity for the Kingdom to shift towards a more sustainable model of development. Embarking on such a path will build resilience into its economy and urban settlements, while preserving and protecting its incredible natural and human capital.

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"KAUST is committed to delivering the science and technology solutions required to navigate the climate and sustainability challenges faced by the Kingdom and the world. The CLI is the focal point of our effort to develop the most impactful solutions that will avert environmental catastrophes looming on the horizon.”


- Tony Chan


"How humanity responds to the climate challenge will shape the coming decades. More precisely, a nation's response to the impacts of climate change on its society, economy, and natural and man-made systems will determine its pathway to prosperity"


- Matthew F. McCabe

Professor of Remote Sensing and Water Security
Director, Climate and Livability Initiative


22 June, 2022

Hylke Beck joins KAUST Climate Science team

Beck will focus on building preparedness and resilience for future climate challenges in the region.

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03 March, 2022

Coproducing water and electricity powers crop growth

A solar-driven system to generate electricity and produce water for crops in arid areas may help a decentralized approach to food, water and energy security.

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17 March, 2022

Drones shed light on coastal water flows

Unmanned aerial vehicles show promise for monitoring coastal water flows over large areas.

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Our faculty, researchers, collaborators, and students cultivate a profound appreciation of climate science and sustainability. Together, our focused intellect will translate KAUST-based research and apply it to address the impending generational impacts of climate change and livability.

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